MM 347

Games with ideas

Month: December 2016

What we’re listening to…

Its a long and winding road, I’m sure I’ve heard that before, anyway heres the ‘current’ list, in no particular order:

The Gathering, Unkle, Moby, IAMX, Scooter, The KVB, Massive Attack, How To Destroy Angels, Sonoio, VAST, The Eden House.


Matchy Matics 1 1 – The one about getting started

Matchy Matics 1 1 is now here, bringing a little help to those who like a gentle nudge in the right direction, this includes:

  • Instructions and menu labels.
  • Slower self play demo for clarity.
  • Ability to play from level screen instead of having to return to main menu.
  • New icon – ok, not for ‘ease of use’ but just because we’re feeling creative 🙂


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