Artful Balancer & Artful B Deluxe

The ‘Artful Balancer’ is conceptually a cheeky, skilful character who is great at balancing and finding symmetry. The player becomes the ‘Artful balancer’.

Can you be the one?

Can you find balance and symmetry and become the ‘Artful balancer’?

Is there only one?

Hone and master your skills across NORMAL, STRATEGIC and pure WEIGHT levels. Use the three pillars:
◊  Balance everything
◊  Match patterns on either side of the balance
◊  Collect Gold

Take care to collect enough gold – sometimes you may need a little more than you realise. Did somebody mention cryptic achievements – no problem for you as the apprentice Artful Balancer!

Use your gold and level boosters to help when you need it most, save them for those tricky moments! Or just use them to relax and cruise!

This is a game of fast reactions, precision and strategy. Of course some strategies are better than others – develop yours.


– Normal, Strategy and Weight levels

– 140 individual levels

– Themes e.g. sea, grass, mountain, sky and space

– Unlock new patterns as you go.

– Spin and mystery patterns

– Helpful friends: Balance indicator, Slow-motion & Pause

– Unhelpful friends: Bombs, Slow-motion & Pause Blocks

– Boosters: level and gold


Matchy Matics & Matchy Matics Deluxe


Matchy Matics is a fun, simple number puzzle game with an educational twist. The idea is to clear the numbered blocks by finding number combinations (addition, subtraction etc.) that equal the red target block, and in doing so earn a medal. Wheres the rub? Is there a rub? Of course – you are free to find the target with any valid combination for that level. Choice can introduce some variation, watch out for those unexpected numbers, the so-called black swans!

The educational twist is while you solve the puzzle you’re practicing some mental arithmetic, cool eh?

There are 35 randomly generated levels that can be re-played to improve your best medal. Each time the combinations and numbers will be different. If you don’t like a particular level restart for something better. On the level screen you can see your overall progress and best medal to date.

The philosophy behind the game was to create something both thought provoking and forgiving, theres no time limit and there are tools to help : the tap-calculator, help and shuffle buttons. The blocks are colour coded. Theres also a self-play mode to show you what to do, or simply if you like the entertainment of watching something else (i.e. the app) complete the puzzle!

There is something here for everybody!

There is something for those who love numbers and puzzles, something for those who want to brush-up, something for younger people who need to learn more about numbers and something for those who want to spend a few minutes exercising their mind.
Even if you feel adverse to numbers, why not give it a try, its a gentle start, you never know.


– Add, subtract, multiply & divide

– Random combinations of add, subtract, multiply & divide

– Colour coded blocks

– Mystery blocks

– Tools : Help, Tap-calculator & Shuffle

– In-game correct answer streak rewards

– Level completion medals : Perfect, Gold, Silver & Bronze

– Randomly generated re-playable levels

– Overall game progress at a glance

– Help / Self Play mode