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Artful Balancer & Artful B Deluxe 1.2 are here!

The latest version of Artful Balancer and pretentious sibling Artful B Deluxe are here. This is a significant update, the highlights are as follows:

  • New ‘random’ mode – get a shot at higher level and if you’re successful you can keep going. Its the equivalent of the chef’s tasting menu if you like.
  • New ball designs – the flower collection.
  • Additional tuning to give precisely the same experience on all devices.

Thats all folks, we hope you enjoy them.


Are you the one? Is there only one?

Welcome to the world of the Artful Balancer! A game of skill, fast reactions and precision – become the ‘Artful Balancer’.

It may seem easy at first, but there are strategies to develop, you’ll need them later.

Artful Balancer and (slightly pretentious) sibling Artful B Deluxe are now available in the iTunes App Store. We hope you enjoy the game – and of course its a little more than just a game!


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