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Matchy Matics 2 – Making Maths Interesting!

Matchy Matics 2 The definitive version, the one about making maths interesting! MM 2 brings a symbolic element to the game, adding an extra visual element that we think makes it all a bit more interesting.

  • Mystery / Flip tile help glyphs.
  • Tile number symbols (1-5).
  •  Finger counters with symbols.
  •  Level difficulty tuning, easier to handle, emphasis on multiplication.
  •  Game Center, cryptic achievements.


Educational App Store approval

We are pleased to announce that Matchy Matics has now been approved by the Educational App Store and received a 4 star rating.

The full review can be found here:

The review was performed by a practicing teacher and the process has been quite enlightening. MM was designed as a puzzle game with an educational aspect, it has been great to see the educational aspect realised.


Matchy Matics 1 2 – The one about new music and gameplay variation

Matchy Matics 1 2 is now here, bringing a little help with those 7×7 grids.

  • Random selection of 5×5 or 7×7 grid for gameplay variation.
  • New music.
  • Removal of instructions for upper levels and various bug fixes.


Matchy Matics 1 1 – The one about getting started

Matchy Matics 1 1 is now here, bringing a little help to those who like a gentle nudge in the right direction, this includes:

  • Instructions and menu labels.
  • Slower self play demo for clarity.
  • Ability to play from level screen instead of having to return to main menu.
  • New icon – ok, not for ‘ease of use’ but just because we’re feeling creative 🙂


Matchy Matics 1

We are pleased to announce that our mobile app Matchy Matics is now available in the Apple App Store. Matchy Matics is a game / puzzle with an educational twist. Its free to download, please take a look if you’re curious!

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