Welcome to the Resource Centre, the following iOS development resources, books and tools are used and are highly recommended by us:


A great starting point is Apple’s own documentation for iOS development. Fully comprehensive articles and sample projects that work. Great reference documentation.

Great collection of tutorials & books covering mobile development for iOS and Android. The archive is particularly good. Sample projects/code works.

Another great collection of tutorials, well written, sample projects work.

Good collection of Swift tutorials, newsletter is quite good too.

Collection of Objective C and Swift tutorials.

Programming resource site, some great articles, tutorials and courses for app/game development. Plenty of free stuff.

Great collection of general programming tutorials. Lots of other stuff here to support collaboration. Opportunities to teach as well.

Useful resources for Apple’s Swift and SpriteKit.

Useful Cocos2d site.

Useful tip site.

Great development site, some useful insights here!

Blog site from Chris Risner, really like his 31 days of iOS, lots of other useful development posts here.

The “app lady” blog, some useful tutorials on all aspects of app development in iOS.

Community driven general programming quick start site, great for developers who just need a quick guide.

Community driven Q&A programming site, some good answers here. Theres a reason some colleagues of mine have coined the phrase SODD – ‘Stackoverflow Driven Development’.

Very nice introduction neural networks for those who who want to possibly incorporate machine learning into their apps. Use it as a introduction before using Google’s Tensor Flow or Apple’s machine learning framework. Easy to understand and follow, C/C++ programming skill required.

Fantastic icon site. Plenty of free options for use under the Creative Commons attribution licence.

Useful colour picker site.

Community focused sound resource, lots of sounds available for use either free or by attribution under the Creative Commons licence. Some paid sounds too. Collections are grouped by similarity giving you the chance to ‘surf’ for ideas.

Kevin MacLeod’s music resource site includes royalty free music for use under the Creative Commons attribution licence.

Great site for app localisation, nice UI and easy to use, you can choose your translation level of formality. Basically you create a set of translation tasks that are distributed to translators. If they have queries they get back to you 1:1. We have always found the service to be good – that includes a timely response, recommended.


The Swift Programming Language (Swift 3 & 4) in iBooks
Using Swift with COCOA and Objective C (Swift 3 & 4) in iBooks
Excellent development books available free in Apple’s iBooks app. The Swift books are surprisingly good, everything you need to get you started is here and its free.

The Swift Developer’s Cookbook
iOS Swift Game Development Cookbook Cookbook
Overall, good ideas and code snippets. Ultimately lacking the the depth and complexity you may need in the end, but its a cookbook and the recipe is a starting point.

Learning OpenGL ES For iOS
Learning iOS Game Programming
A couple of older books, very useful when we were starting out, some good introductions in these books.


Apple’s tried and tested development IDE. Everything you need is here including integrated iTunes Connect functionality to publish direct to the store.

Source control built into macOS and integrated into Xcode, v9.0 includes GitHub. Git tutorial at atlassian.com/git/tutorials.
Alternatively, use a Synology NAS, Synology’s GIT server app, integrates into Xcode just fine – just specify the connection URL. If you use this method of an onsite GIT server we recommend also using the excellent Synology iDrive app for an regular offsite back-up.

Excellent cost effective graphic development tool, lots of features optimised for mobile app development. Excellent online text and video tutorials. This app is great for those who are new to graphic design or find the more established tools either daunting or too expensive. Doesn’t have all the features but all the essentials are there.

Open source sound editing suite. Complex and extensive functionality allowing you to tailor sounds to you requirements. Can be daunting at first but basic functions are easy to use.

Tascam DR-05 Digital Recorder
Digital sound recorder. If you can’t find the sounds you’re looking for online using one of the free or paid resources then recording your own is an option if you have one of these. Supports multiple formats including .wav and .mp3. Simply sample the sound and edit in Audacity, you’ll be surprised what you can achieve.

Interesting geek fact: the sound of the balls touching in Artful Balancer is actually a sample of the click of the mac bluetooth keyboard (aluminium version), shift key to be precise.


Thats all folks, more to come soon, any questions or advice needed – please get in touch contact@mm347ltd.com.


Disclaimer: At the time of writing all the above links were checked and correct, we have no control or interest in these sites and therefore cannot take any responsibility for content or changes to content.